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June 14th: Equity and Fairness in Romantic Relationships: Exploring the Impact of Mental Load 

A 3-hour workshop on Friday, June 14th, 2024 @ 1pm, via Zoom 

Carly Deremo, Psy.D.

This workshop will include an examination of the impact of inequity in romantic/sexual relationships and the utility of certain clinical approaches. The workshop will provide clinical suggestions as well as explore the barriers to implementing them. Topics will include mental load, default parenting, the fair play method, and assertive communication.


Three to five learning Objectives 

  • Address the impact of inequity on romantic relationships

  • Define and explore the impact of imbalanced mental load and default parenting

  • Provide general clinical strategies and an introduction to the Fair Play Method

  • Address barriers to implementing this in the clinical setting through examples and/or role play.

from reactivity to response_ equipping parents with effective emotional regulation skills.

September 6th: From Reactivity to Response: Equipping Parents wit hEffective Emotional Regulation Skills 

A 3-hour workshop on Friday, September 6th, 2024 @ 1pm, via Zoom 

Dr. Amber Thornton, Clinical Psychologist

This 3-hour workshop is designed for psychologists who work with children, families, or adults who may be parents. This workshop will delve into the critical skill of emotional regulation for parents and equips psychologists with strategies to effectively guide parents in managing their moods and building self-regulatory skills.  By the end of this workshop, psychologists will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to empower parents to become masters of their own emotions, fostering stronger, healthier families.


This workshop is ideal for psychologists who:

  • Work with parents experiencing stress, anxiety, or difficulty managing emotions.

  • Want to strengthen their toolkit for supporting families.

  • Seek evidence-based strategies to promote emotional well-being within the family unit.


Three to five learning Objectives 

  • Understand the impact of parental emotional regulation on child development and family dynamics.

  • Explore common challenges parents face in regulating their emotions.

  • Learn evidence-based strategies to support parents in identifying and labeling their emotions.

  • Develop practical tools to guide parents in building emotional awareness and cultivating effective coping mechanisms.

  • Gain practical experience in facilitating communication and fostering emotional intelligence within the family unit.

2024 Past Presentations


March 29th: Preventing and Treating Burnout in Mental Health Professionals 

A 3-hour workshop on Friday, March 29th, 2024 @ 1pm, via Zoom 

Gabrielle Armer, Psy.D.

Burnout has become rampant in the field of psychology. For so long, mental health professionals have suffered with the experience of burnout in silence. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to identify the signs of burnout, develop strategies to prevent burnout, and learn how to treat and recover from burnout. Although burnout is widely experienced by mental health professionals, talking about experiences of burnout has largely been viewed as taboo. Participants will be asked to demonstrate openness and vulnerability (to the degree they feel comfortable) while discussing a topic that can often facilitate many emotions. 

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